Monday, June 05, 2006

What you can look forward too

We know that many students find it difficult to get the right college, the thing is we dont really have a guide as to what to look for how to determine if the college is suited to our needs. Most of the time if you were like me you'd listen to what people [who have no true knowldege] have to say and believe in 'agents' [read friends and family] who have only their commission to think of.

Did you know that colleges pay up to RM 1000 for a student enrolment !!! And I didnt get a bloody cut from my damned uncle. I shouldnt name names after all this the the net Ramesh@##$

Anyways i've decided to give you guys a heads up with a guide to choosing colleges. Its a product of over 80 students who have contributed their own 2 cents worth.

Look out for it... life IS easy with directions!


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